24 June 2011

Breaking Day.. Anyone?

Just got out of an important meeting.. Looks like we will working with a very talented group of girls.

Let me know, what you think!  www.BreakingDay.com

22 June 2011

More about Eyelash Extensions..

 Interested in getting Eyelash Extensions for Summer? Its the perfect time to get those flirty Lashes!

Eyelash Extension Brochure - Prices and General Information

Consent Form to Perform Eyelash Procedure - All "Certified" Technicians should have you sign,
 a Release form before preforming extensions.

After Care Information - Information on how to keep your Lashes for up to 6-8 weeks.

21 June 2011

Eyelash Extensions

A natural, luxurious look is created by our individual lash-by-lash application. It is designed for client's already existing natural lashes.  Our super long-lasting high grade glue holds the lashes in place for up to 2 months with just few refills appointments in between.

Demi Set:  $60

20 Lashes per eye on the outer corners

Simply Natural Set:  $80

40 lashes per eye-subtle, yet noticeable

Party Set:  $100

60 Lashes per eye-noticeable, yet natural

Diva Set:  $150

80 Lashes per eye-Serious winking power!

Super Diva: $200

100+ Lashes per eye-Look out!

Quick 30 minute touch-up:  $30

45 Min to 1 Hour touch-up:  $60

Removal of lashes done by someone else $35

Tell your friends and receive $15 towards your next lash service for

every new client you send.

Ask for details! Call to make your Appointment with Savannah. 909.981.6800

17 June 2011

New Website!

I hope everyone loves our "New" Designed Website, as much as I do!!

A huge "Thank You" to Blogaholic Designs for getting these websites up and running. Thanks Emily!

Also, dont forget to visit our Sister Website "My Addiction Skin Care and Waxing".. :)
Thanks for visiting.. and visit often!