19 June 2012

Tan Line? Let us Help...

Oh no! Sound familiar? It's that time of year again, the season of tan lines... Getting a Spray Tan will even out those terrible lines and give your skin a healthy and natural looking glow! :) but remember that no matter what method you use for tanning, you must ALWAYS protect your skin with sunscreen when exposed! Love your skin and tan responsibly.

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13 June 2012

Bad Beauty Habits!

Bad Beauty Habits: Part I

Wait, there’s more? Yes, just when you thought you were in the clear and absolutely innocent when it comes to beauty-oriented guilty pleasures, I have 5 more Bad Beauty Habits for you! But no need to fret! As per usual I have included my Fixer Uppers for the consequences of over-indulgence; whether you are looking to cut back or cut out those naughty habits, we have the perfect quick-tips for you!


Bad Beauty Habit #6— Wiping Your Face or Blowing Your Nose with Toilet Paper—Did  you know you are scratching your face!? TP and paper towels contain thick, unrefined pieces of wood that are literally scratching your face, which over time causes aging, not to mention discomfort. Ouch to the runny nose!

Fixer Uppers?
When it comes to your face, always always always use Kleenex, the cotton is refined and designed for your sensitive facial skin!

Bad Beauty Habit #7—Wearing Makeup While You Work Out that Bod—I know, I know, you want to look your beautiful best, always, even on the elyptical. So if you must indulge in this Bad Beauty Habit, make sure your makeup is mineral-free; this will help minimize the risk of breakouts.

Fixer Uppers?
Try Glo-Minerals!
Also, if you can, try to wash your face as-soon-as-possible post-workout! This will help further decrease your risk of breakouts!

 Bad Beauty Habit #8—I Love Tea and Red Wine—They both taste great, they both make you feel great, but they also really stain your teeth; which of course makes these delicious treats Bad Beauty Habits! You will rarely catch me without a straw in my drinks, as it cuts down on staining big time!

Fixer Uppers?
Use a straw! Your teeth will thank you!
Also, try Supersmile Whitening System, Toothpaste, Mum and Floss; super amazing!

Bad Beauty Habit #9—Seriously, Stop Picking at Your Face!—And if you absolutely must mess with your skin, do NOT use your fingernails, as this will insert dirt and whatever else your nails are harboring into your skin; increasing to potential for serious scaring.

Fixer Uppers?
Use Q-Tips, or wrap your fingertips with Kleenex before you go for the pore-clearing kill! For best results, do this after you have washed, steamed, or showered with warm water, and finish up with a cold rinse, clarifying toner, or astringent! One of my absolute favs is Skin Script’s Blemish Control Toner Pads!

 Bad Beauty Habit #10—Clean My What!? Change My What?!—The answers to those questions (in consecutive order) is Cell Phone and Pillowcase! Have you ever pulled that phone away from your ear and seen what’s on it? Or in my case, often allowing my 2-year-old to play with it only to have it returned to me with food, and goodies galore! And lets not forget your pillowcase! Sure, it smells okay, but much like your skin it accumulates dirt, oil, makeup, and dead skin particles. Would you go an extended period of time without washing your face? No!

Fixer Uppers?
For your cell phone, use a sanitizing wipe (be sure it is damp, and not wet! If liquid drips when you squeeze it, its definitely too wet for your phone! Do not use this!) or a little liquid hand sanitizer on a Kleenex.
Also, changing your pillowcase at least once a week will help ensure your sleeping on freshness. If you take a daytime nap with makeup on, I recommend changing it after too.  Trust me, your face will thank you!

If you have made it this far without being an offender of any of these Bad Beauty Habits, I solute you! And for those of you who please guilty to one or more of these sinful indulgences, don’t fret, it is never too late to stop a bad habit! 

04 June 2012

Bridal Prep


Three Months Before: Facial treatment program every 4 to 6 weeks

Two Months Before: Enhance your nails with a manicure every other week

One Month Before: Color or perm your hair, conditioning treatment

Three to Four Weeks Before: Haircut, practice style with headpiece, makeup lesson

Two Weeks Before: Full set of nails (acrylic, linen), facial, haircuts for men in bridal party

One Week Before: Pedicure, waxing (lip, brow,leg, bikini, arm), brow tint, lash tint (no mascara 24 hours prior to appointment)

One to Two Days Before: Nail fill or maintenance manicure for bride and groom

Wedding Day: Skin conditioning, makeup application, polish change or manicure, bridal up-do, stress relieving scalp, neck and shoulder massage using essential oil compositions


To alleviate last-minute problems, schedule your appointments 6 weeks in advance.

Identify yourself as a member of the bridal party when scheduling your appointments.

Please ask each member of the wedding party to confirm or cancel their appointments 24 hours in advance. Wear a button down shirt for your wedding day appointment.

All waxing services require at least 3 to 4 weeks of hair growth.
For chemically treated hair, avoid chlorinated water in hot tubs, swimming pools, and Jacuzzis. Please consult with your Perm/Color Specialist.

Hair $95 ($125 for Bride only Wedding Parties)
Makeup $75 ($100 for Bride only Wedding Parties)
Trial Run Hair and Makeup $95 per trial run (combined services)
Trial Run single service $50 per trial run

*All makeup applications consist of professional use of airbrush HD foundations, eyelashes and products.

Hair $50 per person
Makeup $45 per person
Trial Run Hair and Makeup $95 per person (combined services)
Trial Run single service $50 per trial run
Airbrush Makeup Application Add $20

*All makeup applications consist of professional use of HD foundations, eyelashes and products.


Junior Bridesmaid Hair (11 and older)                           $50 per person
Junior Bridesmaid Makeup (11 and older) (No Lashes)  $35 per person
Flower Girl Hair (under 11)                                           $35 per person
Flower Girl Makeup  Lip gloss, eye shadow sparkles, and blush included with Flower Girl Hair service

False Eyelashes                                      $10 per pair (strip or individual)
False Eyelashes Application Only ​           $10 per pair (strip only)
Tattoo Coverage                                    $45 and up
Touch-ups                                             $100 per hour
Bachelorette Party Makeup Lesson         $45 per person
Engagement Photos Hair and Makeup     $95 per session
Bridal Shower, Rehearsal Dinner, Girls’ Night Out, Prom, Graduation, other event Hair and Makeup                                          $95 per person

           Reserve Studio M for Your Wedding!

o   Prices are subject to change without notice, however prices are locked in at the time of booking and you are guaranteed the prices agreed to at the time of booking.

o   A non-refundable retainer and a signed contract is required at the time your wedding is booked. The retainer fee will confirm and secure your wedding date. 

o   The balance of the total sum is due on the Wedding Date and can be paid in cash only.

o    Your booking cannot be confirmed without a signed contract and a retainer.

o    Travel Fees will not be included in the non-refundable retainer but will be added to the remaining service balance and are due on the wedding date.  The client is also responsible for any additional travel fees including any toll, parking and valet charges incurred by the artist on the wedding date.
Ø  Travel Fee:  Depending on location
Ø  Parking: Valet price if nearby parking cannot be found
Ø  Holiday Fee: $200.00 will be added to weddings booked on a holiday or a holiday weekend

o   Services may be added at any time before the wedding date if time allows. 

o   Cancellation Policy: You may cancel your services at any time. Your deposit will not be refunded. In the event of sickness, accident, act of god or other reasons beyond control, efforts will be made to assist you in making other arrangements and your deposit will be refunded.

Studio M offers many salon and spa services to enhance your beauty before your special day..

  • ·         Haircuts
  • ·         Color and Highlights
  • ·         Straightening Treatments
  • ·         Styling
  • ·         Condition Treatments
  • ·         Pedicures
  • ·         Manicures
  • ·         Acrylics
  • ·         Gelish Nails
  • ·         Paraffin Treatments
  •  ·         Facials (Microderabrasion)
  • ·         Chemical Peels
  • ·         Eyelash Extensions
  • ·         Spray Tanning

Studio M
378 N. 2nd Avenue
Upland, Ca 91786