09 October 2012

Its the perfect time for a Chemical Peel!

This is a fabulous package for those that look in the mirror and see the summer's sun damage to even skin tone, lighten and brighten pigmentation and get your skin to look smooth and soft again. I like to think of chemical peels as a “reboot” for your skin allowing healthy skin appear.  A series of chemical peels can help treat a myriad of skin issues.  There really is no reason not to try one.

Here's an example to a package I offer:

Treatment one: Microdermabrasion to remove all the unwanted dead skin, which will give you a fresh pallet before the chemical peel. (Two weeks after Microdermabrasion)

Treatment two: The BIG PROCEDURE.. The Chemical Peel! You will need ATLEAST 5 DAYS DOWN TIME! As you will be looking very red and peeling.

Treatment three and four: would be a Glycolic Face Peel followed by a seaweed or restorative mask. Or, another Microdermabrasion with a flower enzyme. 

What Are Chemical Peels?

There are many different types of chemical peels, and each company that sells peels has its own series of formulations.  Having said that… the chemical peels used by estheticians are generally a solution that has a combination or sometimes just one alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) or beta hydroxy acid (BHA).   The solution is applied to the skin, normally in layers though some peels are simply one layer, like a treatment mask.  The peel is either removed at the end of the treatment or left on to self-neutralize.  The acids in the peel work to dissolve the top layers of the skin creating a controlled wound and thus allowing the skin to regenerate itself.


A chemical peel will:

1.    Improve the texture of your skin

2.    Increase the cell turnover rate of your skin

3.    Improve your skin’s ability to hold moisture

4.    Help your skin produce more collagen

5.    Reduce fine lines

6.    Decrease hyper pigmentation

7.    Unclog pores and help clear up acne

8.    Leave your skin smooth

9.    Make your skin softer

10.  Make your skin look more even-toned

11.  Give you a “glow”

12.  Make your skin look dewy

13.  Improve minor scarring

 (ORGINALLY $85.00)


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