07 September 2012

Winter Waxing Special $30!

The winter weather is upon us and now that you’re putting away your tiny-weeny bikini’s and pulling out your winter jackets and scarves, I want to prevent you all from experiencing the winter waxing woes!! What we’re trying to say is, although you aren’t wearing shorts, tank tops and bikinis during the winter, you’ll still need to keep up with your waxing routines. Here are some reasons to get you into the salon on a regular basis, even if the weather outside looks frightful:

  •    So what if you want to stay warm this winter? That doesn’t mean you want a beard warming your chin this winter or any facial hair for that matter! You can’t use the cold weather as an excuse for slacking on your eyebrow, upper lip and chin waxes!
  •    The dry, windy weather and relentless central heating sucks moisture right out of your skin during the winter, leaving it tight and itchy and all around uncomfortable. Under these conditions, how could you possible look or feel your best? Well, a great way to prevent yourself from feeling these types of winter woes and help yourself feel good is to keep up your waxing routine and stay smooth throughout the winter season! 
  •    If you’ve been thinking about starting to wax your bikini area, believe it or not, the winter months are the ideal time of year to begin! Getting started in early winter with your bikini waxes will mean that by summer time, you will have waxed all of your hair growth cycles at least once!  Also, it is much easier to grow your hair out to that pesky ¼ inch during the winter months!
  •    Covering up too much this winter can lead to fabrics against your skin that can cause irritation and flaking, or not allowing the skin to breathe.  A great way to combat this is to keep your legs lovely so you can show off your favorite pair of winter boots with a pair of beautifully smooth and freshly-waxed legs this winter!
  •    Don’t forget to exfoliate!! Keep a gentle body scrub and a less abrasive facial exfoliant in the shower. Using them both at least once or twice a week in addition to keeping up your regular facial and body waxing routine will get rid of built-up dead skin cells and expose a fresh layer of skin ready to suck up all the moisturizer you’re going to apply when you step our of the tub.
  •   Finally, and most importantly, keeping up with a regular waxing routine increases the comfort level for your future waxes and decreases the amount of hair follicles that will grow back. That means winter waxing results in less hair and better waxing session for you this summer!

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