30 December 2012

Lashes for the New Year!! $85

Start the New Year with some flirty lashes... Wink your way into 2013!! 🎀💗💗

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(Next door to Fitness 19)
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08 November 2012

FREE Eyelash Extension Contest!

Text "PICKME" to 555888 to be entered to win a FREE Eyelash Extension set! Contest runs from 11/8 to 11/16.

(Just in Time for Thanksgiving!) :)

Winner will be contacted via Text!


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09 October 2012

Its the perfect time for a Chemical Peel!

This is a fabulous package for those that look in the mirror and see the summer's sun damage to even skin tone, lighten and brighten pigmentation and get your skin to look smooth and soft again. I like to think of chemical peels as a “reboot” for your skin allowing healthy skin appear.  A series of chemical peels can help treat a myriad of skin issues.  There really is no reason not to try one.

Here's an example to a package I offer:

Treatment one: Microdermabrasion to remove all the unwanted dead skin, which will give you a fresh pallet before the chemical peel. (Two weeks after Microdermabrasion)

Treatment two: The BIG PROCEDURE.. The Chemical Peel! You will need ATLEAST 5 DAYS DOWN TIME! As you will be looking very red and peeling.

Treatment three and four: would be a Glycolic Face Peel followed by a seaweed or restorative mask. Or, another Microdermabrasion with a flower enzyme. 

What Are Chemical Peels?

There are many different types of chemical peels, and each company that sells peels has its own series of formulations.  Having said that… the chemical peels used by estheticians are generally a solution that has a combination or sometimes just one alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) or beta hydroxy acid (BHA).   The solution is applied to the skin, normally in layers though some peels are simply one layer, like a treatment mask.  The peel is either removed at the end of the treatment or left on to self-neutralize.  The acids in the peel work to dissolve the top layers of the skin creating a controlled wound and thus allowing the skin to regenerate itself.


A chemical peel will:

1.    Improve the texture of your skin

2.    Increase the cell turnover rate of your skin

3.    Improve your skin’s ability to hold moisture

4.    Help your skin produce more collagen

5.    Reduce fine lines

6.    Decrease hyper pigmentation

7.    Unclog pores and help clear up acne

8.    Leave your skin smooth

9.    Make your skin softer

10.  Make your skin look more even-toned

11.  Give you a “glow”

12.  Make your skin look dewy

13.  Improve minor scarring

 (ORGINALLY $85.00)


Located inside
7945 Vineyard Ave. Suite D3 
(Next door to Fitness 19)
Rancho Cucamonga, Ca 91730

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07 September 2012

Winter Waxing Special $30!

The winter weather is upon us and now that you’re putting away your tiny-weeny bikini’s and pulling out your winter jackets and scarves, I want to prevent you all from experiencing the winter waxing woes!! What we’re trying to say is, although you aren’t wearing shorts, tank tops and bikinis during the winter, you’ll still need to keep up with your waxing routines. Here are some reasons to get you into the salon on a regular basis, even if the weather outside looks frightful:

  •    So what if you want to stay warm this winter? That doesn’t mean you want a beard warming your chin this winter or any facial hair for that matter! You can’t use the cold weather as an excuse for slacking on your eyebrow, upper lip and chin waxes!
  •    The dry, windy weather and relentless central heating sucks moisture right out of your skin during the winter, leaving it tight and itchy and all around uncomfortable. Under these conditions, how could you possible look or feel your best? Well, a great way to prevent yourself from feeling these types of winter woes and help yourself feel good is to keep up your waxing routine and stay smooth throughout the winter season! 
  •    If you’ve been thinking about starting to wax your bikini area, believe it or not, the winter months are the ideal time of year to begin! Getting started in early winter with your bikini waxes will mean that by summer time, you will have waxed all of your hair growth cycles at least once!  Also, it is much easier to grow your hair out to that pesky ¼ inch during the winter months!
  •    Covering up too much this winter can lead to fabrics against your skin that can cause irritation and flaking, or not allowing the skin to breathe.  A great way to combat this is to keep your legs lovely so you can show off your favorite pair of winter boots with a pair of beautifully smooth and freshly-waxed legs this winter!
  •    Don’t forget to exfoliate!! Keep a gentle body scrub and a less abrasive facial exfoliant in the shower. Using them both at least once or twice a week in addition to keeping up your regular facial and body waxing routine will get rid of built-up dead skin cells and expose a fresh layer of skin ready to suck up all the moisturizer you’re going to apply when you step our of the tub.
  •   Finally, and most importantly, keeping up with a regular waxing routine increases the comfort level for your future waxes and decreases the amount of hair follicles that will grow back. That means winter waxing results in less hair and better waxing session for you this summer!

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378 N. 2nd Ave. Upland, Ca 91786
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30 August 2012

Threading VS. Waxing

Threading eyebrows is becoming the method of choice for many over waxing, and a gift to those with Rosacea, and just down right thin or sensitive skin. Threading uses a string to remove hair, whereas a wax-based resin is placed on the skin and then taken off to rid hair with waxing. Why are the sensitive-prone turning to threading in droves?

Hardly Touches the Skin

Less contact with the skin. Threading has little to no contact with the skin. Waxing, however tugs at skin when the hair is removed, and can really irritate sensitive skin making it turn pink to extremely red.

Stop seeing red. The skin mostly gets red because of the wax tugging at the skin, not the actual removal of the hair. If you do get pink from threading, it usually goes away within the hour.

Delicate skin. The skin around the eyes is thin, and can get easily irritated from waxing even if it doesn't bother other body zones. Threading eyebrows is a true life saver for hair removal in the eye area.

No contraindications Threading eyebrows doesn't remove the top layer of skin like waxing. So even people that use Retin-A or take other medications that conflict with waxing, can still get threading.

Burn-free method. Most waxes are used warm, but can be heated up too much and burn the skin resulting in extreme pain and scabby skin. There's no chance of getting scorched with threading.
Threading Eyebrows, Product Free Hair Removal

No Chemicals. Threading solely uses a string to remove the hair, unlike waxing that contains resins and preservatives. Artificial fragrances and ingredients are a foe to many with sensitive skin.

No one's allergic to string (that I know of). Sometimes having an allergic reaction is mistaken as sensitivity. Waxes are often based on a certain ingredient like: lavender, tea tree, chocolate, acai berry and the list goes on and on. With threading eyebrows there's no need to worry.

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378 N. 2nd Ave. Upland, Ca 91786
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04 July 2012

Eyelash Perm, 20 Eyelash Extensions and Semi Permanent Mascara

A client just sent me a photo of my work, I need a few days ago. Beautiful!

Eyelash Perm and 20 lashes per eye with Lashcoat Semi-permanent Mascara! :) Thanks Trisha for the photo, I am glad you love them! xoxo

July Special: $75

Located inside

378 N. 2nd Ave. Upland, Ca 91786 909.981.6800
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19 June 2012

Tan Line? Let us Help...

Oh no! Sound familiar? It's that time of year again, the season of tan lines... Getting a Spray Tan will even out those terrible lines and give your skin a healthy and natural looking glow! :) but remember that no matter what method you use for tanning, you must ALWAYS protect your skin with sunscreen when exposed! Love your skin and tan responsibly.

Located inside

378 N. 2nd Ave. Upland, Ca 91786 909.981.6800
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13 June 2012

Bad Beauty Habits!

Bad Beauty Habits: Part I

Wait, there’s more? Yes, just when you thought you were in the clear and absolutely innocent when it comes to beauty-oriented guilty pleasures, I have 5 more Bad Beauty Habits for you! But no need to fret! As per usual I have included my Fixer Uppers for the consequences of over-indulgence; whether you are looking to cut back or cut out those naughty habits, we have the perfect quick-tips for you!


Bad Beauty Habit #6— Wiping Your Face or Blowing Your Nose with Toilet Paper—Did  you know you are scratching your face!? TP and paper towels contain thick, unrefined pieces of wood that are literally scratching your face, which over time causes aging, not to mention discomfort. Ouch to the runny nose!

Fixer Uppers?
When it comes to your face, always always always use Kleenex, the cotton is refined and designed for your sensitive facial skin!

Bad Beauty Habit #7—Wearing Makeup While You Work Out that Bod—I know, I know, you want to look your beautiful best, always, even on the elyptical. So if you must indulge in this Bad Beauty Habit, make sure your makeup is mineral-free; this will help minimize the risk of breakouts.

Fixer Uppers?
Try Glo-Minerals!
Also, if you can, try to wash your face as-soon-as-possible post-workout! This will help further decrease your risk of breakouts!

 Bad Beauty Habit #8—I Love Tea and Red Wine—They both taste great, they both make you feel great, but they also really stain your teeth; which of course makes these delicious treats Bad Beauty Habits! You will rarely catch me without a straw in my drinks, as it cuts down on staining big time!

Fixer Uppers?
Use a straw! Your teeth will thank you!
Also, try Supersmile Whitening System, Toothpaste, Mum and Floss; super amazing!

Bad Beauty Habit #9—Seriously, Stop Picking at Your Face!—And if you absolutely must mess with your skin, do NOT use your fingernails, as this will insert dirt and whatever else your nails are harboring into your skin; increasing to potential for serious scaring.

Fixer Uppers?
Use Q-Tips, or wrap your fingertips with Kleenex before you go for the pore-clearing kill! For best results, do this after you have washed, steamed, or showered with warm water, and finish up with a cold rinse, clarifying toner, or astringent! One of my absolute favs is Skin Script’s Blemish Control Toner Pads!

 Bad Beauty Habit #10—Clean My What!? Change My What?!—The answers to those questions (in consecutive order) is Cell Phone and Pillowcase! Have you ever pulled that phone away from your ear and seen what’s on it? Or in my case, often allowing my 2-year-old to play with it only to have it returned to me with food, and goodies galore! And lets not forget your pillowcase! Sure, it smells okay, but much like your skin it accumulates dirt, oil, makeup, and dead skin particles. Would you go an extended period of time without washing your face? No!

Fixer Uppers?
For your cell phone, use a sanitizing wipe (be sure it is damp, and not wet! If liquid drips when you squeeze it, its definitely too wet for your phone! Do not use this!) or a little liquid hand sanitizer on a Kleenex.
Also, changing your pillowcase at least once a week will help ensure your sleeping on freshness. If you take a daytime nap with makeup on, I recommend changing it after too.  Trust me, your face will thank you!

If you have made it this far without being an offender of any of these Bad Beauty Habits, I solute you! And for those of you who please guilty to one or more of these sinful indulgences, don’t fret, it is never too late to stop a bad habit! 

04 June 2012

Bridal Prep


Three Months Before: Facial treatment program every 4 to 6 weeks

Two Months Before: Enhance your nails with a manicure every other week

One Month Before: Color or perm your hair, conditioning treatment

Three to Four Weeks Before: Haircut, practice style with headpiece, makeup lesson

Two Weeks Before: Full set of nails (acrylic, linen), facial, haircuts for men in bridal party

One Week Before: Pedicure, waxing (lip, brow,leg, bikini, arm), brow tint, lash tint (no mascara 24 hours prior to appointment)

One to Two Days Before: Nail fill or maintenance manicure for bride and groom

Wedding Day: Skin conditioning, makeup application, polish change or manicure, bridal up-do, stress relieving scalp, neck and shoulder massage using essential oil compositions


To alleviate last-minute problems, schedule your appointments 6 weeks in advance.

Identify yourself as a member of the bridal party when scheduling your appointments.

Please ask each member of the wedding party to confirm or cancel their appointments 24 hours in advance. Wear a button down shirt for your wedding day appointment.

All waxing services require at least 3 to 4 weeks of hair growth.
For chemically treated hair, avoid chlorinated water in hot tubs, swimming pools, and Jacuzzis. Please consult with your Perm/Color Specialist.

Hair $95 ($125 for Bride only Wedding Parties)
Makeup $75 ($100 for Bride only Wedding Parties)
Trial Run Hair and Makeup $95 per trial run (combined services)
Trial Run single service $50 per trial run

*All makeup applications consist of professional use of airbrush HD foundations, eyelashes and products.

Hair $50 per person
Makeup $45 per person
Trial Run Hair and Makeup $95 per person (combined services)
Trial Run single service $50 per trial run
Airbrush Makeup Application Add $20

*All makeup applications consist of professional use of HD foundations, eyelashes and products.


Junior Bridesmaid Hair (11 and older)                           $50 per person
Junior Bridesmaid Makeup (11 and older) (No Lashes)  $35 per person
Flower Girl Hair (under 11)                                           $35 per person
Flower Girl Makeup  Lip gloss, eye shadow sparkles, and blush included with Flower Girl Hair service

False Eyelashes                                      $10 per pair (strip or individual)
False Eyelashes Application Only ​           $10 per pair (strip only)
Tattoo Coverage                                    $45 and up
Touch-ups                                             $100 per hour
Bachelorette Party Makeup Lesson         $45 per person
Engagement Photos Hair and Makeup     $95 per session
Bridal Shower, Rehearsal Dinner, Girls’ Night Out, Prom, Graduation, other event Hair and Makeup                                          $95 per person

           Reserve Studio M for Your Wedding!

o   Prices are subject to change without notice, however prices are locked in at the time of booking and you are guaranteed the prices agreed to at the time of booking.

o   A non-refundable retainer and a signed contract is required at the time your wedding is booked. The retainer fee will confirm and secure your wedding date. 

o   The balance of the total sum is due on the Wedding Date and can be paid in cash only.

o    Your booking cannot be confirmed without a signed contract and a retainer.

o    Travel Fees will not be included in the non-refundable retainer but will be added to the remaining service balance and are due on the wedding date.  The client is also responsible for any additional travel fees including any toll, parking and valet charges incurred by the artist on the wedding date.
Ø  Travel Fee:  Depending on location
Ø  Parking: Valet price if nearby parking cannot be found
Ø  Holiday Fee: $200.00 will be added to weddings booked on a holiday or a holiday weekend

o   Services may be added at any time before the wedding date if time allows. 

o   Cancellation Policy: You may cancel your services at any time. Your deposit will not be refunded. In the event of sickness, accident, act of god or other reasons beyond control, efforts will be made to assist you in making other arrangements and your deposit will be refunded.

Studio M offers many salon and spa services to enhance your beauty before your special day..

  • ·         Haircuts
  • ·         Color and Highlights
  • ·         Straightening Treatments
  • ·         Styling
  • ·         Condition Treatments
  • ·         Pedicures
  • ·         Manicures
  • ·         Acrylics
  • ·         Gelish Nails
  • ·         Paraffin Treatments
  •  ·         Facials (Microderabrasion)
  • ·         Chemical Peels
  • ·         Eyelash Extensions
  • ·         Spray Tanning

Studio M
378 N. 2nd Avenue
Upland, Ca 91786


24 May 2012

$25 Microdermabrasion Facial Deal on our Facebook page!

Microdermabrasion is cosmetic treatment meant to uplift aging skins by removing the dead cells of the skin. This harmless procedure is popular among all skin types and all ages. It takes 5- 16 sessions with a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon before the effects of microdermabrasion are clearly visible. Those who do not want to undergo invasive, time consuming and complicated skin treatment procedures such as deep chemical peels or laser treatment prefer microdermabrasion.

Non Invasive
Microdermabrasion works only at the outermost layer of skin. According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons, microdermabrasion process can be of two types. One in which treatment is given via a hand-held device that sends minute crystals over the skins that are afterwards sucked up and the second type uses a diamond tipped wand. Both types of microdermabrasion procedures specifically focus on the removal of dead skin cells on the outermost surface of the skin through gentle exfoliation. The procedure is simply at the surface; skin is neither wounded nor scraped below the epidermis.

Microdermabrasion is a procedure that leaves your skin fresh without pain. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, during the procedure, the maximum you might feel is a mild stinging, vibration or scratching sort of feeling. The procedure does not require any anesthesia. Side effects may appear in the form of pink or swollen skin, however, they are only temporary and wither off within no time. In order to protect your skin, dermatologist may advice you soothing moisturizer and an effective and suitable sun screen.

One of the great pluses of microdermabrasion is that it takes less than an hour to be completed thereby saving precious time. Microdermabrasion of face takes half an hour and treatment of neck is even less than that; just about 20 minutes. In order to achieve the best possible results, you may require several short sessions in a month, however Society of Plastic Surgeons believe that it varies from individual to individual and in some cases it may take two sessions in a month only.

Suitable for All Skin Types
According to University of Rochester Medical Center, microdermabrasion is ideal for cosmetic problems like aging skin, sun damage, discoloration of skin and appearance of fines lines due to the aging process. Microdermabrasion is also beneficial for oily skin and helps reduce minor acne scarring. According to the Mayo clinic, microdermabrasion may even be beneficial for blemished skin. A single treatment is sufficient for giving a healthy and young look to your skin especially for the special occasions you have marked for the year.

Safe and Effective
Microdermabrasion is much safer and better if done by a skilled dermatologist as compared to home microdermabrasion kits or even services given at spa and salons lacking professional medical oversight. Moreover, home microdermabrasion kits do not yield that good a result as compared to the treatment given by professional dermatologist, warns the Academy of Dermatology. Therefore, seeking the services of qualified medical professional is always a preferred option to avoid complications in the procedure and to benefit optimally from microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion is a skin treatment getting popularity day by day. 


23 May 2012

Lash Extensions : Singles vs Clusters

Lash Extensions : Singles vs Clusters

Lash Extensions are very popular amongst brides, celebrities, and the average woman who might be “lash challenged”!  There are different techniques to apply the lash extensions.  For a more natural look, single extensions (applied one by one) to each lash can be custom-tailored to your needs.  You can choose the thickness, curl, lengths (by mm), colours and eye design.  Most people regardless of their hair colour usually opt for black.  The thickness you choose depends on how thick your natural lashes are.  Therefore if you have very fine lashes, then using the thinner extensions would be advised.  For most people with regular healthy lashes, the lash stylist will tend to mix the thicknesses to create a natural look/feel.

Single Lash Extensions take usually 1.5 to 2 hrs to apply, since you need to attach an extension to every single lash on your eyelid.  The client is reclined on a comfortable massage bed and enjoying a nice eye treatment at the same time. The eye patches (which provide the eye treatment) are used to separate the top and lower lashes. After the procedure is done, the client is given instructions on how to maintain the lash extensions.  For example, avoid using an oil-based eye makeup remover, etc.

Refills are usually done every 2-4 weeks if the client wants to have lash extensions indefinitely. The refill application usually takes 30mins to 1hr.  If a client gets them done for a one-time event (ie. wedding), they should last approximately 4-6 weeks depending how they take care of them…which should be long enough to last the wedding + honeymoon. Lash extensions are great for weddings because if the bride cries, the extensions are waterproof and will not fall off or smear.

Lash extensions are generally safe for most people. The extensions are applied 1mm away from your eyelid, never touching skin. Medical grade glue is used (same glue they use in place of sutures) that is safe for majority of people.  Cyanoacrylate is the main ingredient, therefore if a client has any allergies to this ingredient should avoid getting lash extensions done. Those that are sensitive can request for glue that is less strong, however the lash extensions might not last as long with a weaker glue.

So what is the difference with Lash Clusters?  Lash Clusters are applied in individual lash bunches. They are more dramatic looking and requires less time to apply – typically 40-45mins. You do not need to be reclined on a massage bed, you can simply sit comfortably in a chair for this procedure. Refills are not applicable, as this is more for a one-time special occasion ie. wedding, party, etc.  They last approximately 2-3 weeks long.  Mascara and curlers are not required as the clusters are dramatic enough without it. Clients can get a new set done once all the lash clusters have shed, but it’s not recommended for long-term use.

Eyes are the window to your soul. Longer fuller lashes does give the look of younger, brighter, bigger eyes.  However, it does require a monthly expense (if getting regular refills) and requires time to get them done. It is recommended clients get lash extensions done by professionals who have been properly trained.  For brides who are getting them done one-time only, they should set up their appointment approximately 3-5 days before their big day.  *flutter flutter*

7945 Vineyard Ave. Suite D3 
(Next door to Fitness 19)
Rancho Cucamonga, Ca 91730

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19 May 2012

Its that Season! Spray Tan Season!

May Special 
$25 Full Body Spray Tan!

How to Prepare for our Spray Tan:

* Exfoliate thoroughly with an oil free exfoliating scrub, nylon mitt or loofah at least 2 hours before your spray tan. 
(avoid Olay, Dove & bar soaps)

* For best results, do not apply any lotion or perfume, the day of your spray tan. Doing so can cause streaking, discoloration and an uneven, tan. Make up can be removed at our location before your tan. A pre-tan prep spray is also available to remove any oils and balance your PH, giving you a more even tan.

* For you tan, you can choose to wear a dark swimsuit, dark colored bra and panties or you can choose to go topless or wear your "birthday suit". It is up to you, your comfort level and whether or not you want "tan lines".

*men must wear bottoms.

* Bring loose, DARK clothing to your tanning session to wear after you tan. Loose sweats and a baggy t-shirt and flip flops are best.  Tight clothing can cause band marks and may rub off your tan.

Post Spray Tan Care:

* Avoid excessive sweating, showering or exercising withing 8 hours of your spray tan.

* Wait at least 8 hours to shower after your spray tan (unless using Rapid Tan). 12 hours is recommended for best results. The initial bronzer in the solution will wash away in the shower and a beautiful, golden tan will be underneath. Your spray tan will continue to develop for 24 hours.

* Avoid harsh body washes that can streak and fade your tan. (Olay, Dove, etc.) Avoid washes with oils and/or lotions in them. Do not exfoliate until you are ready for your next tan. 

* Moisturize twice a day to prolong you tan. Avoid lotions with mineral oil as they will fade your tan. Lotions are available for sale that contain a DHA tanning agent to prolong your Sunless Tan.

* Pat dry after showering, do not rub your spray tan. This will help to prolong your tan.

* Do not exfoliate until you are ready for your next tan. 

** Spray Tan friendly body washes, lotions and facial skin care are available through your spray tan technician.

Located inside STUDIO M in Upland, Ca
378 N. 2nd Ave.
Upland, Ca 91786

15 May 2012

Zombies were at the Riverside Prom.. Did you see them?

Hosted by RiversideProm.com, "Surviving the End is Just the Beginning", was on SATURDAY, MAY 12, 2012.

"The year is 2012 and the end of days is upon us. Planet Earth has been ravaged by plagues, asteroids, global thermonuclear war, natural disasters, alien invasions, starvation, giant ants and dame dirty apes. Those who have survived are scattered, fighting to stay alive in an ever decaying world...but there is hope.

On May 12, all survivors - be it mutants, road warriors, robot overlords, four horsemen, survivalists, cults, flesh-eating zombies, Capricans, Morlocks and angels of death - are invited to the party to end all worlds..."

@ Back to the Grind in Riverside
• Immersive-themed environment • Live entertainment
• DJ dance sets • Prom photos
• One night. One place. One Apocalypse.
Promageddon is a themed-COSTUME party! So come dressed representing your chosen tribe - be it mutant, zombie, human or bringer of death. Surviving the End is Just the Beginning.

With that said, this gave me the opportunity to do, what I love most! MAKEUP! :) Below, is some of my work from this Saturday. My special effect makeup, these "Zombies" attended the Riverside Prom. Hope you enjoy! 

03 May 2012

Prom and Weddings... It's that time!

Proms and weddings are on its way... Love this season!!!

30 April 2012

Get you Glow on, Girl!

Studio M is excited to announce we will now offer sunless tanning!!!
Whether you want a subtle glow or a full out bronzing, organic Sjolie solution offers great results.  Makeup artist, Savannah Carmichael will customize your solution to your specifications and flawlessly apply with a HVLP Spray Turbine.  
  • 100% organic and vegan solution by Sjolie
  • Customized color for your skin tone
  • HVLP machine for a fast and fabulous tan!

My Addiction Skin Care is proud to add this environmentally conscious sunless tanning product line and service to our list of spa options. It was extremely important to us to find a sunless tanning option that still matched our expectations of a product that is both healthy for our body as well as the environment. 

Sjolie Sunless Tanning is naturally derived, certified organic and 100% vegan! Guests have the ability to choose from three tones and can enhance their experience with added boosters, shimmers, and tropical scents.

To celebrate this exciting new offer, we’re offering $20 Full Body tans through the end of May!!!
Stop by or call today to book your Sunless Tanning appointment!!!

Sunless Spray Tanning

Full Body $30
Half Body $20
Face & Chest  $15
Arms $15
Legs $15
3 for $75 ($15 Savings)
5 for $100 ($50 Savings)

Come see Savannah and to get a glow that "everyone will notice but nobody will know"

909.981.6800 to set up an appointment.

24 April 2012

Hair and Makeup for Prom, Weddings and all your special events!


Congrats to our Bride Laura! She ties the knot on May 26th in Riverside. We are so excited to be apart of her special day.. Her Preview!

28 March 2012

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid provides weightless, oil-free moisture, and is known for its ability to bind up to 1000x its weight in water! 50% of the hyaluronic acid in your body is found in the skin layers of the dermis and epidermis, regardless of your skin type.

Your natural hyaluronic acid production decreases with age, leaving skin dry and wrinkled. Topically applied, hyaluronic acid replenishes moisture, increases skin's ability to retain that moisture and leaves skin soft & smooth. 

Sale Price: $35.00

26 March 2012


What is LASHFOOD®?
LASHFOOD® is a 24-hour day & night, eyelash conditioning system to provide you with longer, darker, and thicker lashes naturally. The brand's eyelash conditioners are a drug-free, natural cosmetic alternative for those with not enough eyelashes. LASHFOOD® is safe and effective and no prescription is required.

How do the ingredients in LASHFOOD® make my lashes grow?
Uniquely formulated by cosmetic scientists, the breakthrough natural formula is clinically proven to provide longer, thicker lashes and to transform frail and brittle lashes to become healthy and strong. The 24-Hour LASHFOOD® Eyelash Conditioning System delivers at the cellular level to feed lashes with nature's most powerful ingredients.

How do I apply LASHFOOD®?
Brush LASHFOOD® onto the root of clean lashes in the same manner of applying eyeliner while avoiding the eye area. Apply once or twice a day, every morning and evening. Make-up can be applied as usual afterwards.

How long will it take before I start seeing results with LASHFOOD®?
Results will vary with each individual. However, noticeable results will be apparent within 4-8 weeks. Lashes will start to appear darker and thicker with increased length. Full results can be expected within 2-3 months.

Are LASHFOOD® Eyelash Conditioners irritating?
LASHFOOD® Eyelash Conditioners were developed without any irritants. There has not been reports of irritation, redness or swelling even for those with extremely sensitive skin and contact lens wearers.

Can LASHFOOD® be used with eyelash extensions?
LASHFOOD® eyelash conditioners are natural and water based products that was designed for use with natural lashes as well as those with eyelash extensions. Use of LASHFOOD® conditioners will help strengthen lashes and in result prolong life of bond between natural lashes and extensions.

How long does one tube of LASHFOOD® last?
If used twice a day, each bottle will last approximately 3-5 months.

What about chemo patients?
LASHFOOD® is safe for Chemo patients, although results may differ.

Can LASHFOOD® be used on pregnant or nursing women?
As a precaution, we do not recommend use for pregnant or nursing women.

Are there any allergic reactions?
As with any cosmetics, some individuals may be allergic to one or more components of the product. If you know that you are allergic to any of the ingredients or you suspect that you may be allergic to any of the ingredients, do not use the product and consult a doctor.

Are LASHFOOD® Eyelash Conditioners FDA approved?
LASHFOOD® eyelash conditioners are registered products of the FDA. LASHFOOD® eyelash conditioners only use natural ingredients that provide users with incredible results: thicker, darker, longer, more beautiful lashes!

What is the guarantee?
We are so confident in our product that we offer a 60 day money back guarantee, minus the cost of shipping & handling.

For fast results. Nourish lashes with this revolutionary, natural eyelash conditioner featuring Nano-Peptide Technology. Created by a team of cosmetic scientists, this breakthrough, powerful formula is clinically demonstrated to provide the appearance of longer, thicker, lashes and to transform frail and brittle lashes to become healthy and strong. Enjoy visibly different, stunning lashes in 3-6 weeks!

Infused with Nano-Peptide Technology, the LashFood Eyelash Conditioning System delivers at the cellular level to feed lashes with nature's most powerful ingredients.

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22 March 2012

Prom is coming!

Attention High School Jr.'s and Sr.'s!!! Prom is near, so gather up your girls and book your prom party with my team of Beauty Specialists! We can accommodate you and your friends at the same time! Taking reservations now!

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18 March 2012

Spring Showers: Beauty Tips for Rainy Weather

Even on rainy days, it's easy to look your best! Here are some great beauty tips for rainy weather:

Watch Your Base

Quite frequently the main cause of makeup smudging is excessive foundation. Put on a thin coat of something that's water resistant, and remember to make use of powder during the day.

Say No to Lip Gloss

Using lip gloss in rainy weather is just begging for smudges and smears. Grab a tube of high quality lipstick instead, and you'll have a wonderfully long-lasting effect without having to worry about weather-related messiness.

Make Use of Color 

What better way to stand out in dreary, gray weather than to slap on some bright tones? Whether it's a part of your wardrobe or makeup, you'll be making a gorgeous contrast to your surroundings and stand out in the crowd.

Embrace Waviness 

When it's rainy it's humid, and humidity is going to curl your hair. Rainy weather is a great time to embrace the look! Make use of some curl enhancer and give up the fight for straight hair in the rain. You'll be glad you did.

Use Skin Care Masks 

Wet and cold weather has an extreme effect on skin. A couple of times a week during the rainy season, put on a moisturizing mask on at night. You'll see quick results, and any makeup you put on will look noticeably better!

08 March 2012

Is Vaseline, your Beauty SECRET?

You've seen those ageless Beauties—smooth, glowing skin and not a wrinkle in sight! Want to know the most common thread that runs through their skin care regimen? It’s Vaseline—otherwise known as petroleum jelly or petrolatum. The popular multipurpose balm is considered by many as their number one skin saver (Marilyn Monroe used to coat it on her skin in layers!), but what exactly is the stuff and what does it do to our skin?

The History of Vaseline

The story starts at an 1859 Pennsylvania oil rig. Workers discovered that even though they were operating heavy equipment, the dirty, paraffin-like material that built up on rigs healed their cuts and bruises and kept skin soft. At the time, a young chemist named Robert Chesebrough went out venturing to discover new raw materials. He came across the black wax and took it back to his lab. By refining the wax, he created the clear formulation we now know as petroleum jelly, and called it Vaseline! Since then, it’s been a household staple.

How Vaseline Works

The word petroleum might seem scary for some, but it’s truly one of the most multitasking items you can own. From face to feet, the jelly has many uses, especially in a chilly climate. "It's a great product for chapped lips, dry elbows, hands, heels, and other tougher body parts," notes New York City-based dermatologist Jessica Krant, M.D. Some women swear by the substance on their face. But does the heavy wax clog your skin? "It's too heavy and high in viscosity to penetrate and clog pores," says cosmetic chemist Nick Morante. "Petroleum has a high molecular weight which creates an impenetrable film on the skin—keeping environmental junk out and moisture in," he adds. While it doesn’t moisturize the skin, it keeps it hydrated. "The jelly traps the moisture in the upper layers of the skin surface and prevents it from evaporating," explains Dr. Krant. "It also makes dry wrinkles plump up and appear smoother." Because of Vaseline’s ability to retain moisture, it's widely used in skin care across the market. It's important to note that the jelly isn't synonymous with mineral oil, which is a transparent liquid byproduct of the petroleum as it's converted into gasoline.

Is Vaseline Safe?

Because the fossil fuel byproduct isn’t vegan-friendly (it’s formed from dead dinosaur bones!), the jelly comes with controversy. While no studies have proven that it’s bad for you, some people argue about the sustainability of the lubricant. Fortunately, there are vegetable-based alternatives that use plant waxes and oils (such as Alba’s Un-Petroleum Jelly) to form a barrier on the skin like Vaseline does. So whether you agree with the politics of petroleum, no one can argue that it’s one of the most effective moisture barriers known. Beauties, do you believe in the power of Vaseline? Tell us if you use this staple or whether you’d rather use other alternatives.