06 December 2013

Mink Eyelash Extensions are in!

Just in time for the holidays, we have 100% Pure Mink Lashes in!

What's the difference between lashes?
Though very little difference in look, there is a difference in feel.

Pure Mink Lashes: Mink lashes are made with real fur and are the most natural looking and luxurious of all lash extensions.  Because they are extremely fine, it is advised to schedule a more dramatic service because more are required to lok full.  Minks are extremely soft and absolutely seamless on any lash.

Synthetic (Faux) Mink lashes: Synthetic (Faux) Mink Lashes lashes are sterilized and hypo-allergenic. These synthetic mink lashes have a black, high gloss finish that mimics the look of real mink individual lashes (extensions). Synthetic mink lashes are curled and tapered to perfection and will give your clients a soft, natural, yet durable, glamorous sexy look. 

Silk Lashes: Our silk lashes are the finest on the market made with natural silk protiens providing a lighter, softer feel than faux minks.  They are great for adding length, thickness, curl and drama to any look while still looking like beautiful, clean, natural lashes!

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