19 May 2012

Its that Season! Spray Tan Season!

May Special 
$25 Full Body Spray Tan!

How to Prepare for our Spray Tan:

* Exfoliate thoroughly with an oil free exfoliating scrub, nylon mitt or loofah at least 2 hours before your spray tan. 
(avoid Olay, Dove & bar soaps)

* For best results, do not apply any lotion or perfume, the day of your spray tan. Doing so can cause streaking, discoloration and an uneven, tan. Make up can be removed at our location before your tan. A pre-tan prep spray is also available to remove any oils and balance your PH, giving you a more even tan.

* For you tan, you can choose to wear a dark swimsuit, dark colored bra and panties or you can choose to go topless or wear your "birthday suit". It is up to you, your comfort level and whether or not you want "tan lines".

*men must wear bottoms.

* Bring loose, DARK clothing to your tanning session to wear after you tan. Loose sweats and a baggy t-shirt and flip flops are best.  Tight clothing can cause band marks and may rub off your tan.

Post Spray Tan Care:

* Avoid excessive sweating, showering or exercising withing 8 hours of your spray tan.

* Wait at least 8 hours to shower after your spray tan (unless using Rapid Tan). 12 hours is recommended for best results. The initial bronzer in the solution will wash away in the shower and a beautiful, golden tan will be underneath. Your spray tan will continue to develop for 24 hours.

* Avoid harsh body washes that can streak and fade your tan. (Olay, Dove, etc.) Avoid washes with oils and/or lotions in them. Do not exfoliate until you are ready for your next tan. 

* Moisturize twice a day to prolong you tan. Avoid lotions with mineral oil as they will fade your tan. Lotions are available for sale that contain a DHA tanning agent to prolong your Sunless Tan.

* Pat dry after showering, do not rub your spray tan. This will help to prolong your tan.

* Do not exfoliate until you are ready for your next tan. 

** Spray Tan friendly body washes, lotions and facial skin care are available through your spray tan technician.

Located inside STUDIO M in Upland, Ca
378 N. 2nd Ave.
Upland, Ca 91786


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