15 May 2012

Zombies were at the Riverside Prom.. Did you see them?

Hosted by RiversideProm.com, "Surviving the End is Just the Beginning", was on SATURDAY, MAY 12, 2012.

"The year is 2012 and the end of days is upon us. Planet Earth has been ravaged by plagues, asteroids, global thermonuclear war, natural disasters, alien invasions, starvation, giant ants and dame dirty apes. Those who have survived are scattered, fighting to stay alive in an ever decaying world...but there is hope.

On May 12, all survivors - be it mutants, road warriors, robot overlords, four horsemen, survivalists, cults, flesh-eating zombies, Capricans, Morlocks and angels of death - are invited to the party to end all worlds..."

@ Back to the Grind in Riverside
• Immersive-themed environment • Live entertainment
• DJ dance sets • Prom photos
• One night. One place. One Apocalypse.
Promageddon is a themed-COSTUME party! So come dressed representing your chosen tribe - be it mutant, zombie, human or bringer of death. Surviving the End is Just the Beginning.

With that said, this gave me the opportunity to do, what I love most! MAKEUP! :) Below, is some of my work from this Saturday. My special effect makeup, these "Zombies" attended the Riverside Prom. Hope you enjoy! 

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