26 January 2012

Its that time of year.. Wedding Makeup and Hair Trials.

Determine a wedding day style
What is your “wedding style”? If you have picked out your dress, veil, colors and/or jewelry, then you’ve already begun to put together a look that reflects your personality. You can even get a girlfriend to snap a pic of you in your dress during your fitting. The more details you give your makeup artist, the better. This will help ensure that your final look represents your overall vision.

Make a photo scrapbook.
Begin to look through bridal and fashion magazines or google search images of specific makeup looks (ex. “smoky eye,” “natural”) for ideas. Then tear out pages of specific photos that inspire you to show your makeup artist at your trial.

Consider your personal look.
What is your typical makeup routine? Think about the ways you put on your makeup, but be open to suggestions when customizing your wedding day look with a makeup artist. Do you always wear lots of mascara and false lashes? Go for lash extensions or a lash growth serum. Moisturizer and lip gloss and you’re good to go? A natural look is you. Like to experiment with the latest looks and trends? Try something retro like a cat eye and a red lip. Don’t hesitate to test out a new lip color or bronzer if your makeup artist recommends it. Remember, this is a trial run, and makeup washes off, so you can always swap a color out.

Maintain a good skincare routine.
Don’t throw caution to the wind and fall asleep with your makeup on. Now is a critical time to be gentle on skin, moisturize and exfoliate so that your skin can remain flawless for your wedding day. If you plan on tanning for your wedding, don’t book a tanning session and makeup application on the same day. It will be hard to match your true complexion and you may not get an accurate picture of the final outcome.

Bring a friend
Having a familiar face with you can take off some of the stress that comes with wedding planning. Plus, close friends know your style and can offer a second opinion about the styles you choose.

Leave it to the professionals. Oftentimes to stay under budget, brides are tempted to get a friend to do their makeup. If you are hiring a talented photographer to capture your special day, think of it as your own photo shoot. Professional makeup artists are trained to keep your look fresh and camera-ready throughout the day. If you are investing in good photography, invest in a talented makeup artist so you will look amazing in your photos!

Remember, this should be a fun time and a chance to pamper yourself. Have an open mind about what your stylist might recommend and take lots of photos and have your makeup artist write down colors, so that you remember what you decided on.

Lucky for you, we can help out! :) Call us for your Makeup and Hair trial for your big day!

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